Biosecurity is at the highest priorities in the way we are operating and the status of our products. Regarding our customer’s production as an extended part of our production, we acknowledge the responsibility that lays upon us to avoid any related biological risks.

Why details matter

The highest biosecure standards, targeted surveillance and biosecure sites enables the establishment of compartments with the free status of a given disease. Having such a position allows us to conduct global trade of our progeny and to be a trustable supplier to our customers. Maintaining the highest levels of biosecurity calls for management and physical measures related to the fish, the environment and the pathogen.  As a result, attending to minor details may be critical.

Our skilled professionals are evaluating every single detail in terms of probability of occurrence and their consequences. To reduce risk, we have implemented risk assessment followed by action plans and are continuously working to prevent specific events from happening. Details matter, because even the smallest breach of any measurements can have tremendous consequences.

Salmobreed packing

Biosecurity means a set of management and physical measures designed to reduce the risk of introduction, establishment and spread of animal disease, infections or infestation to, from or within an animal population.

Definition by The World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE
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The Benchmark Genetics way

Our ambition is to be the forefront of biosecurity in the aquaculture breeding industry, by understanding and implementing measures

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Biosecurity and species

Biosecurity policies and fish health follow up are adapted to the targeted species and the relevant pathogens. Our in-house breeding programs consist of three species – Atlantic salmon, Tilapia and White leg shrimp. These require different approaches due to the differences in production systems.


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