The Benchmarks Genetics Way

Our ambition is to be the forefront of biosecurity in the aquaculture breeding industry

This is our way of understanding and implementing measures:

  • Investing in our sites and people so that we live up to what we say
  • We have invested in biosecure land-sites for production of our breeders, and have the largest on-land capacity for production of broodstock
  • Target risk-based surveillance to maximize the chances of pathogen detection
  • Our fish health personnel work closely across borders to exchange knowledge and competence on fish health-related matters
  • Maintaining a close dialogue with different diagnostics laboratories and research institutions to rapidly implement new technologies and findings into our operations

We are keeping a continuous focus on the health and wellbeing of our animals, safeguarded by our global team of aquatic animal health professionals. I like to say that our real boss is the animals we have in our production. If they don’t perform well, neither will we.

Rudi Ripman Seim, Head of production Norway and Global Fish Health in Benchmark Genetics

What we offer

Biosecurity is a fundamental criterion for a successful production and was in the top of our considerations when choosing a supplier of genetics to our projected facilities in Maryland, USA. In our opinion, Benchmark Genetics holds the highest levels of biosecurity and thereby an obvious choice for us.

Pål Haldorsen, CEO of AquaCon

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