What is Cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation is a technology that makes it possible to freeze and store living cells such as sperm and embryos in biobanks for an extended period in liquid nitrogen at -196 oC. The cells are alive and well-functioning after thawing and can be used for fertilization.

The technology is used in breeding, medical research and disease treatment. In Atlantic salmon breeding, the method is used for freezing and storing milt from the best breeding males. At Benchmark Genetics, we have established our laboratories with associated biobanks in Norway, Iceland and Chile. The laboratories (Benchmark Genetics Cryolab), was established in connection to the company’s production centres for broodstock. They are an essential part of the strategy to be at the forefront of developments in genetics.

The benefits

Through Benchmark Genetics Cryolabs the company gets optimal use of the best male fish from the breeding programs and makes it possible to use the same male for several customer orders. It gives the company flexibility and optimization of production, in addition to a higher value product for the customer

The establishment of in-house biobanks ensures that we are in full control of our genetic material and reduces the risk in case a disease outbreak should occur in connection with the broodstock production.

Video explaining Cryopreservation

Want to learn more about the technology and the benefits? Watch here:


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