Pesceras “Mi Finca” in El Salvador

About Pesceras “Mi Finca”

Company: Pesceras Mi Finca, in Chalatenango, El Salvador.
Manager: Beatriz Cisneros
Sector: Aquaculture/tilapia production


Working with Spring Genetics since 2019, through Spring Genetics’ exclusive distributor in the country, Oferta Acceso Local El Salvador

Pesceras Mi Finca is a tilapia producing company founded by Pedro Cisneros in the early 2000s in Chalatenango, El Salvador.
Now run by Beatriz Cisneros, they produce and commercialize portion/600 gr tilapia which is distributed wholesale to hotels and restaurants, as well as retail to household customers, both locally and in the capital San Salvador.
With a special focus on improving and maintaining the excellent quality and flavour of their product, Pesceras Mi Finca aims to optimize production efficiencies without sacrificing sustainability and animal welfare.


Lack of development and degrading of the genetics quality added to the general low productive performance of the genetic material locally sourced by national providers.

The main challenge to tilapia producers in El Salvador is that we have to deal with bad quality on fingerlings genetics. The low productive performance, such as slow growth and lack of robustness, lead to longer periods in ponds, which delay the harvest, increasing production costs and sanitary risks, and reducing profit margins for our company

Beatriz Cisneros, General Manager at Pesceras Mi Finca

These circumstances are especially critical when they take place in poor areas of developing countries, affecting the production and access to quality protein. This makes the optimization of production a crucial factor affecting the livelihood of their people.


Through Oferta Acceso Local, our exclusive distributor in El Salvador, Spring Genetics was able to reach and provide Pesceras Mi Finca and the Salvadorian tilapia producers with our robust, high performing Spring Tilapia strain, as well as the technical service to help farmers make the most of the genetic potential of the strain.


The fast growth and good robustness of our strain have led to a shorter time to harvest, reducing sanitary risks and production costs.
This improvement results in a bigger yield on the ponds, improving profits margins for the farmers and the welfare of their animals.

When we started working with Spring Genetics, we immediately perceived the change. It is a more agile fish at the time of feeding, has more resistance to stress, and grows much faster than the other genetic strains. Our animals have reached the commercial size of 600gr in only 90 days. This represents not only savings on feed costs, but also in time, reaching our commercial size 5 weeks earlier than other genetic strains in the market, optimizing the use of pond space and profits. One of the most remarkable phenotypic differences of the Spring Genetics strain is that the shape of the body is rounder, allowing better fillet yield, making it our customers’ favourite

Beatriz Cisneros, General Manager at Pesceras Mi Finca
Beatriz Cisneros holds a harvested 600gr Spring Tilapia

In the video below, Beatriz Cisneros explains the challenges met by Tilapia producers in El Salvador and comments on how the Spring Tilapia strain helps the Salvadorian tilapia industry overcome these production challenges.

If you have any questions on how to optimize your tilapia production, increase your profit, and improve the welfare of your animals, please contact the Spring Genetics team HERE.

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