Two new key positions at Spring Genetics

Micaele Sales and Carlos Lopez have been promoted to Technical Manager and Commercial and Operations Manager respectively at Spring Genetics, following Benchmark Genetics’ strategy to strengthen teams and resources for their tilapia program in the Americas.

Micaele Sales appointed as Technical Manager

With over a decade of experience in Aquaculture, Micaele holds a bachelor’s degree in Fishery Engineering from the Ceara University and a specialization in Health and Sustainable Development in Aquaculture from the State University of Maringa in Brazil. She joined Spring Genetics in 2014 to take over the role of Technical and Production assistant. During this time, Micaele has successfully covered several areas of responsibility such as technical quarantine operations at Benchmark Genetics Brasil, support in multiplier operations, monitoring and preparation of animals overseeing the mating, egg collection, sex reversal, broodstock grow out and shipments, as well as after-sales and technical visits to customers and support in commercial and administrative activities in Brazil.

Carlos Lopez appointed as Commercial and Operations Manager

Carlos Lopez joined Spring Genetics as Aquaculture Site Manager in 2018. In these years, his responsibilities covered management of daily site operations, development and implementation of production protocols, manage consumables, customer technical support, and commercial activities in North America. Carlos has over ten years’ experience in aquaculture and holds a bachelor’s degree of Science from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in Aquaculture from the University of Miami.

“I am very pleased that Carlos and Micaele have accepted their new positions!”,- says Hideyoshi Segovia Uno, General Manager at Spring Genetics. “Both Carlos and Micaele have been instrumental to the growth and success of Spring Genetics’ operations in North and Latin America. Their capacity, competence, and commitment shown in the last years are solid proof that they are the right people for these positions.” – he concluded.

Congratulations to both, Carlos and Micaele for a well-deserved promotion!

Portrait Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez appointed as Commercial and Operations Manager in Spring Genetics.
Micaele Sales appointed as Technical Manager in Spring Genetics.

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