The Benchmark Genetics Fellsmere Team

Introducing a Benchmark team:
Benchmark Genetics Fellsmere, US

We are thrilled to be part of the Benchmark team. Everybody is pushing themselves to be their best. Working for Benchmark has been nothing but a great experience for me and for everybody

Bernardo Jaramillo, Site General Manager

When Benchmark Genetics Shrimp started 2.5 years ago there were only 4 people working there. Having built up the facility from scratch, it’s still a small team of only 15 people, but they have taken on the challenges that come with a new facility with energy and enthusiasm.

Based in the beautiful, sunny climate of Fellsmere, the hub was introduced in Florida because of the location, which boasts three international airports and is located 20 miles from the shoreline, making it extremely biosecure. Breeders (grandparents) are received from the main broodstock multiplication centre in Colombia, and it is the responsibility of the Fellsmere team to reproduce them, then grow and ship the shrimp breeders (parents) to customers all over the world.

Benchmark Genetics’ facility at Fellsmere

The whole team at Fellsmere are very proud of what they have achieved and are grateful that they work so well as a team:

Everybody works really hard. Everyone enjoys working with the shrimp, you can see it on their faces daily. We also enjoy working with each other, our team is very special, we get along and work very well together

Bridget Coffey, Larvae-culture Supervisor

They are also committed to continuous improvement, not just for the quality of work, but also the development of the team:

We all support each other. It’s really rewarding as a manager to see people grow and learn

Laura Stewart, Production Manager
Some members of the Fellsmere team. – Image: Benchmark Genetics

Like any aquaculture facility, the team at Fellsmere have their challenges. The main challenge is making sure the animals have optimal growth, performance and health. In the second season at Fellsmere, growth has been even better than the first, which reflects the diligence and commitment of the team. Having the shrimp ready for sale requires daily vigilance of standard operating procedures and keeping everybody healthy during Covid times is extremely important, and something that the team have been very successful in achieving.

Keeping both the animals and the team healthy and satisfied is our most important priority

Julio Casas, maintenance supervisor

Speaking of how Benchmark Genetics Shrimp embodies the Benchmark values, Ileana Morales explains that all of the values are applied in their everyday activities as the foundations of their commitment to high standards:

Setting high standards for our work is our main value. We want the final product to be the best it can be, competing with all shrimp producers in the world

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