Benchmark Insights Issue 2 – “Welfare in aquaculture”

Society’s evolving views on Animal Welfare are shaping aquaculture practices

We are delighted to have published our second edition of ‘Benchmark Insights’, entitled  ‘Welfare in aquaculture: drivers, trends and best practice’.

Through a series of interviews, this second edition  brings together scientists, academics, producers and investors to talk about how views on animal welfare have evolved in aquaculture and in our society, and the impact this is having in the industry.

Topics such as “Welfare during fish harvesting”, the “Power of genetics in creating healthy and robust animals”, “Happy fish, happy farmers, healthy business “ are all discussed, explored, experiences and best practices shared to help further the development and improvement of fish and shrimp welfare in aquaculture.

As a leader in aquaculture biotechnology, our purpose is to drive sustainability in aquaculture. We do this in three ways: by being a proactive industry leader, working with our customers and partners to identify ways to help our industry grow sustainably; by being a responsible operator, and by having a real impact across the value chain through our products and solutions. Through Benchmark Insights we aim to bring together a wide range of perspectives and insights on some of the most important aspects of sustainable aquaculture. I would like to thank all the contributors to this publication for their valuable insights.

Trond Williksen, CEO

As a business in the aquaculture sector, it’s our responsibility to provide the most ethical and responsible marine solutions for fish farmers across the globe. Working closely with Benchmark Insights has allowed us to get ahead of the wave and accelerate these practices in our workforce whilst keeping up to date on the latest industry news. We’re able to overcome everyday obstacles to demonstrate that when done correctly aquaculture can not only be sustainable but also an ethical and efficient practice for fish, farmers, and the wider community.

Nathan Pyne Carter, Managing Director of Ace Aquatec 

The report is available to download here.

External Contributors include :
Philip Sourd, Senior Veterinarian Grupo Culmarex
Peter Østergård, veterinarian and independent advisor
Felicity Hunting a recognised expert on fish behaviour and welfare
Øistein Thorse, CEO FAI Farms
Nathan Pyne-Carter Managing Director Ace Aquatech
Alf-Gøran Knutsen, Managing Director Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett AS
Jimmy Turnbull, Professor at Stirling University
Huw Golledge, CEO & Scientific Director at Universities Federation for Animal Welfare and the Humane Slaughter Association

From Benchmark:
Øscar Hennig, Genetics Operations Director (shrimp)
Marcela Salazar, Gentics Scientific Director
Rudi Ripman Seim, Head of Production Norway and Global Fish Health Genetics
Francesco Lenzi, Technical Services Manager Artemia, and Life Feed.

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