Everything has value, even if it’s broken or outdated. The life of an IT product begins in a mine for mineral extraction and ends in a drawer – or how was it there again? We must begin to take responsibility for the entire life cycle of the IT product – from cradle to grave or to new life!

The 100 % club, which challenges and supports companies to reuse and recycle 100 % of their used IT equipment. The initiative is run by Atea Norge and open for any organization to join. Atea is the market leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organizations in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions. The 100% club is for all consists of public and private companies that have committed to a goal of reusing and recycling 100% of their IT equipment in collaboration with Atea. It is simply a club for companies that have an ambition not to have defective keyboards, unused screens, and other IT equipment that is not used standing in stock.

Up to 95% of the environmental impact associated with a PC can be traced back to production, and thus only 5% associated with the actual use – such as. energy consumption. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that we are able to move either the entire unit or parts of it – that is, individual components – from the unit back to the value chain.

Benchmark Genetics team in Bergen will deliver old PCs and other electrical equipment for recycling through Atea 100% Club.

Working together, we can meet sustainability targets and have a positive on our world!

Read more here atea.no/baerekraftig-it/100-klubben

Silje Sveen, Senior Quality Manager, Birgitte Sørheim, Divisional Marketing Director from Benchmark Genetics Norway and Aina Rørgård from Atea Norge.

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