Improved resistance against WSSV and AHPND


BMK Protect

The new generation BMK Protect has been improved for growth while maintaining its resistance and overall robustness

Selected for improved resistance to WSSV and AHPND, and top performance under high stress and challenging environments. Suitable for both earthen and lined ponds in disease-prone areas, BMK Protect provides the farmer with consistent performance, ensuring predictable and stable economical outcome.

At the hatchery

The maturation performance allows hatcheries to achieve optimal cost-efficiency and produce the best quality resistant PL for their customers.

  • Predictable & consistent performances between batches
  • High reproduction efficiency
  • Higher stress tolerance
  • Easy to handle and reproduce

At the farm

The new generation BMK Protect, with improved growth allows farmers who produce in challenging or disease prone areas to consistently achieve profitable harvests with a marketable shrimp size.

  • Guaranteed harvest outcome
  • Consistent results between cycles
  • High disease resistance
  • Optimal for challenging areas with disease presence

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