High survival and fast growth


BMK Yield

Selected for fast growth in balance with high survivability and overall robustness, BMK Yield provides the farmer with a high yield efficiency, consistent performance, and predictable outputs over seasons and cycles under diverse and challenging environments.

At the hatchery

BMK Yield’s maturation and reproductive performance allows hatcheries to achieve optimal cost-efficiency and the best quality PL for their customers.

  • Predictable & consistent performances between batches
  • High reproduction efficiency
  • Higher stress tolerance
  • Easy to handle and reproduce
Daily Mating17.21 %
Daily Spawning17.19 %
Nauplii / Spawn322.572
Nauplii / Female / month1.635.701

*Average data collected under optimal nutritional regimes

At the farm

The new BMK Yield 2021 generation, with improved growth: 26 count at 90 days of culture at a density of 100 to 150 animals per square metre.

  • Predictable harvest outcome
  • Consistent results
  • Higher stress tolerance
  • Uniform at harvest
  • Suitable for all culture system
Line count per kg.60 days90 days
BMK Yield 20214626
BMK Yield 2020 High6032
BMK Yield 2020 Low7140

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