Fellesmere, Florida


Elite Multiplication Centre (EMC)

The EMC’s proximity to three international airports provides optimal logistic opportunities for world-wide distribution, while the 30km distance from the coast safeguards our facilities from the hurricanes that can devastate the Florida coast. The infrastructure and land where the centre is located gives us the opportunity to further expand, enabling our capacity to grow with the market needs.

  • Highly biosecure facilities
  • Biosecure location 30km from coast
  • Sterile ~32ppt saline water from 750m deep
  • 3 international airports nearby
  • Skilled team


The EMC’s 30 km distance from the sea and its isolation from other farms grant our centre the best starting point for maximum biosecurity. SPF certified by the USDA, Benchmark’s EMC has one single biosecure entrance and is securely fenced around the whole perimeter.

The water used in our Fellsmere facility comes from the Floridian aquifer at 750m deep. The well brings a sterile (zero dissolved oxygen), ~32 ppt saline water that is second to none.

To keep and ensure our strict levels of biosecurity, rigorous sanitary routines are carried out daily, and all activities are conducted indoors – from maturation, to algae, to grow-out, to packing.

All our systems work on recirculation (RAS) or Biofloc.


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