Head-office of Spring Genetics

Both Spring Genetics’ head office and breeding nucleus are strategically located in Miami, Florida, USA.

Miami’s global logistics hub offers extensive shipping options to all the tilapia producing countries around the world, and its temperate climate is well suited for tilapia culture through its entire lifecycle.

Furthermore, South Florida is a growing region for aquaculture anchored by the University of Miami, a leading institution for aquaculture worldwide. Spring Genetics also holds close ties with the University of Auburn and the USDA, where challenge studies take place as part of the breeding program. Both, the USDA and FDACS are very supportive of our farm in regards to permitting and exporting licenses to various countries around the world.

Breeding Nucleus

Spring Genetics runs a  highly biosecure closed breeding nucleus. No new fish have entered the facility since 2009, and all the water that enters the facility comes from a well. The water extracted from the well is UV filtered prior to entering any of the production areas.

Spring Genetics’ Miami breeding nucleus is also a commercial production centre for Spring Tilapia in the US. These circumstances allow our team in Miami to both create a new line of breeders every year, as well as shipping this broodstock to our global clients, and distribute sex-reversed fingerlings to our many customers across North America.



Spring Tilapia®

Specially developed and extensively selected for key commercial traits

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