The potential for genetic gains in your program

The breeder's equation

A well-structured breeding program will improve the genetic quality of your broodstock population stepwise for each new generation. The genetic gain per generation is influenced by several factors, as explained by an extended breeder’s equation.

Selective breeding

Through selection, we are improving the population mean for important production efficiency and disease traits.

By selective breeding we can reduce the frequency of unwanted genes and increase the frequency of desired genes.

A well-designed programme can significantly improve the genetic gain for each generation, illustrated by the movement of the population mean for growth in the Progift Nile tilapia programme though 13 generations of selective breedig. Akvaforsk Genetics Center (AFGC), now Benchmark Genetics, has been involved as consultant in this programme since the start. Interestingly, the largest animals in the base population are far smaller (about 250 gr) than the smallest animals in the F-12 generations.

By using our expertise, systems and technologies, we are tailoring our services to help our clients optimize the genetic gains of their programmes. If you want to learn more about how we can assist you in taking out the genetic potential of your breeding programme, please contact us today.

Figure 1: Show how it is possible to move this mean through selecting the largest breeders in the parent generation and thereby get a higher mean in the offspring generation.
Figure 2: How selective breeding develops by generation (Illustration by Kaohsiung - November 20, 2018)

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