Benchmark Genetics Norway became a member of the network Klimapartnere in May 2019. The company has set ambitious goals to become climate neutral by 2025 and fossile free by 2030.

Renewable energy and biogas production

In 2020 the Benchmark’s SalmoBreed Salten site in Norway was recognized for its energy efficiency by Kystmiljø. The site, which officially opened in May 2019, can produce 150m salmon eggs yearly and was designed with sustainability credentials at its core.

The purpose-built site minimizes its environmental footprint by using 100% renewable energy as well as sending fish and sludge waste for biodigestion. In 2019 biodigestion of waste generated 212,2kWh, thereby saving the equivalent to over 17t of fossil fuels of waste.

Picture of Ann Kristin Skaugvold - General Manager SalmoBreed Salten.

Salten was built to boost our salmon egg production capacity. The site is the most advanced land-based salmon egg production facility in the world, and our focus here is on fish health, welfare, quality and environmental efficiency.

Ann-Kristin Skaugvold, General Manager SalmoBreed Salten



Check out how much energy we saved in 2020 by delivering sludge to Kystmiljø:


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