A world-leading breeding program for Penaeus vannamei.

From its modern and biosecure Elite Multiplication Centre in Fellsmere, FL, USA, Benchmark Genetics Shrimp develops and globally distributes genetically improved, high performing SPR/SPF Shrimp strains with improved health and efficiency adapted to modern farming conditions.

Our strategy in Indonesia

Our worldwide long-term strategy is set to provide our customers with optimal consistency, profitability and overall sustainability through our combined offer of reliable products, support and technical service solutions.


BMK Yield, Our balanced growth line, selected for fast growth and high survival, enables our clients, the hatcheries, to achieve high production efficiency with top quality PL going into the farms of their clients. BMK Yield, an easy-to-handle breed with a high-stress tolerance, delivers hatcheries and farms predictable & consistent results between seasons, making it a good choice for most environments and production systems year-round.

Our specialized lines, BMK LowSal and BMK Protect are specially selected to perform in challenging environments with low salinity or high sanitary/disease risk.

Customer Service

Our ambition is to deliver the best customer experience in the aquatic breeding industry and to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. As a Benchmark Genetics’ customer, we will provide you with an experience that goes beyond placing an order and receiving a shipment of products.

People make a difference

Our commercial teams consist of experienced and skilled employees. All with academic and working experiences from the different stages in the aquatic value chain. They are working hard every day to provide support and service to existing customers as well as attending to enquiries.

The Benchmark Genetics service concept

To ensure that we live up to our ambitions and your needs, we have established The Benchmark Genetics Service Concept for all species, covering three steps: Pre-delivery, At delivery and Post-delivery.

For more information and enquiries, please contact our local team.



BMK Protect

Specialized line.
Improved resistance against WSSV and AHPND.


BMK LowSal

Specialized line.
Growth and high survival in low salinity environments.

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