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Atlantic salmon digital hatchery manual

The aim of this digital manual is to describe good practice for Atlantic salmon eggs, alevins and fry, allowing producers to develop best practice management procedures for their operation. Information presented in this document combines data derived from internal research trials, published scientific knowledge with the expertise, practical skills and experience of the Benchmark Genetics technical service teams, and sister companies in the Benchmark Group. The information contained is consistent with standard industry welfare guidelines produced by industry bodies.

Technical documentation – PDF formats



As a customer of Benchmark Genetics, we would like to ensure you that we are aiming for the highest standards of operation and animal welfare, with a minimum impact on the environment.

Certifications are proof of our efforts and means that we have to comply with international standards and undergo regular audits. We are firm believers that the strict measures will lead to the continuous improvement of our procedures and a responsible mindset of our employees to the benefit of the animals in our custody and the quality of our genetics products.



As a service, we have developed a set of tools to help you better succeed with our genetics in your operations.

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