Our services

At Benchmark Genetics, each client is uniquely serviced based on their needs and available genetic and physical resources. That is why we are entitled to claim that we offer tailored services to optimize each client’s return on investment (ROI).

Extensive experience

Through our historical achievements, Akvaforsk Genetics® has extensive experience in designing, implementing and carrying out routine technical services from more than 30 applied selective breeding programs for fish and crustacean species in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

These programs cover the majority of the commercially important farmed aquaculture species, including salmonids, tilapias, marine fish and crustacea. We also routinely conduct external reviews of third party broodstock management and breeding program operations.

Portrait photo of Jorn Thodesen

For each individual programme, we are optimising the use of available infrastructure and genetic resources and adapting our technologies with one main objective in mind: To obtain the largest possible genetic gains to the benefit of our clients.

Jørn Thodesen, Business Manager – Applied Genetics Consultancy

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