As a service, we have developed tools to help you better succeed with the genetics you are receiving from us.

Hatching Calculator

This calculator can be used to estimate the incubation temperatures required to achieve desired hatching date or hatching date based on incubation temperatures.

The rate of Atlantic salmon embryo development depends upon water temperature, with slower development at cold temperatures and faster development at higher temperatures. Water temperature is used to control date of hatching. Atlantic salmon eggs should be incubated at temperatures between 1°C and 8°C.

Hatcherery Manual Atlantic Salmon

The aim of this digital manual is to describe good practice for Atlantic salmon eggs, alevins and fry, allowing producers to develop best practice management procedures for their operation. Information presented in this document combines data derived from internal research trials, published scientific knowledge with the expertise, practical skills and experience of the Benchmark Genetics technical service teams, and sister companies in the Benchmark Group. The information contained is consistent with standard industry welfare guidelines produced by industry bodies.


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