Status report from Benchmark Genetics Iceland

Volcanic eruption in Reykjanes peninsula Iceland started on Friday night (19.03.2021). In this area we have our Salmon and Lumpfish farms. All our farms are safe and all planned shipments will go accordingly to the plan.

Points about the situations at our farms in Iceland:

  1. Everyone is safe!
  2. Our farms are up and running and in no danger, fish/eggs OK.
  3. We can get to all our farms, feed – oxygen – water supply and electricity are OK and no signs of any changes as it is right now.
  4. The eruption is very small – lava is running away from our farms and winds are blowing the gas away from us also.
  5. Earthquakes have finally stopped and no signs of damages to our facilities
  6. The airport is open and should stay like that if nothing changes
  7. No power supply in danger
  8. We are following this closely and prepared for changes – hopefully, this will stay as little as it is an end soon.

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