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Our external genetics services branded as Akvaforsk Genetics

The line of services provided is described as a three-step-model:

1. Broodstock Management:

A service to optimize the broodstock management. 

2. Establishment of breeding program:

A service to support the establishment of well-designed selective breeding programs. 

3. Support and development of breeding programs:

A service to support established selective breeding programs. 

Genetic Programme

A genetic program evolves from the starting point of a simple broodstock management and then moves on to an integrated breeding program with inbreed control and mass selection for a low number of phenotypic traits, such as growth. The main focus is to improve growth and gain control of inbreeding rates. A further step can be to include a more comprehensive number of genetic traits, either as an integrated program or by establishing a breeding nucleus operation (family breeding program).

If the breeder wants to advance further with a broader number of traits, including those that require destructive tests, such as disease resistance traits, a family program with a breeding nucleus is needed. Such a program can be developed by improving the accuracy of selection and by implementing genomic information. These programs are often described as «advanced», applying genomic information and advanced genomic analysis used for selection based on QTLs or genomic breeding values. The steps are illustrated in Fig1.

Illustration of Genetic Services products

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