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We are the leading provider of genetics services based on extensive experience from 30 applied breeding programs involving 20 species in 16 countries.

Our external consultancy services, Akvaforsk Genetics®, is tailored to each client’s needs and business objectives. We apply our competencies and experiences in developing Benchmark Genetics’ five in-house programmes for Atlantic salmon, P. vannamei and Nile tilapia using cutting-edge technologies. Our clients will benefit from having access to expertise, resources and systems that we have developed to support these programmes.

Your benefits

  • Higher production efficiency
  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved animal welfare

The end result – a more sustainable aquaculture industry.

What you can expect from us

Our clients have access to our in-house tools for efficient recording of performance data (RecMunk), secure storage of data in our database, and advanced statistical models for analyzing phenotypic and genomic data.

When collaborating with us, you will experience our following strengths

Our history goes far back

Akvaforsk Genetics Center (AFGC) was established in 1999 as a spin-off from the Institute for Aquaculture Research (former Akvaforsk, now a part of Nofima). The mission is to develop and provide specialized genetic improvement services to the global aquaculture industries.

Akvaforsk were pioneers in the establishment of selective breeding programmes for Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout in Norway back in the 1970’. This represented a milestone in modern aquaculture. With the creation of AFGC in 1999, the expertise in aquaculture genetics was transferred into this unit and further developed. Applying the principles from Atlantic salmon has resulted in significant genetic improvements for many species worldwide, and many of our current clients have been with us for decades.

Salmon ova

Our core genetics team

As a client, you can rely on our highly skilled technical staff and their ability to obtain a significant genetic improvement of your broodstock. Our contributions are well documented through the vast number of applied programmes that we have been involved in since 1999.

Some facts about our core genetics team

  • 22 scientists and academics
  • 15 PhD degrees, 7 M.Sc degrees
  • Over 500 years of accumulated experience in aquaculture breeding
  • Over 400 scientific publications
  • Applied experience from more than 30 programmes and 20 species
Close-up of fish scales

Our services

At Benchmark Genetics, each client is uniquely serviced based on their needs and available genetic and physical resources. We offer tailored services to optimize each client’s return on investment (ROI).

Healthy salmon gills

Our external genetics services branded as Akvaforsk Genetics®

The line of services provided by Benchmark Genetics may be described as a three-step-model:

  1. Broodstock Management: A service to optimize broodstock management.
  2. Establishment of a breeding programme: A service to support the establishment of well-designed selective breeding programmes
  3. Support and development of breeding programmes: A service to support established selective breeding programmes.
Picture from Salmobreed in Lønningdal

The potential for genetic gains in your programme

A well-structured breeding programme will improve the genetic quality of your broodstock population stepwise for each new generation. The genetic gain per generation is influenced by several factors, as explained by an extended breeder’s equation.



Akvaforsk Genetics

The line of services provided by Benchmark Genetics is described as a three-step-model based on the broodstock management and establishment, support and development of breeding programs.

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