We provide the global Atlantic salmon industry with robust and disease-free salmon eggs every week of the year. Our products are the result of long-term breeding programs and intensive innovation, focused on solving our clients’ challenges and opportunities. Today, we are operating in-house programs for three strains in Norway, Iceland, and Chile mainly produced at land-based facilities to ensure the industry’s highest levels of biosecurity.

Why choose our salmon genetics?

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Norwegian origins

The three strains we are operating all have their origins from some of Norway’s most prominent salmon rivers. They were collected and domesticated for farming in the mid 70” and early 80”. Since then they have undergone significant genetic development through systematic breeding and selection. The breeding programs’ structure, where the males are selected directly from the breeding nucleus, ensures a higher genetic gain per generation than by selection from dissemination lines.

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The Benchmark Genetics way

Conventionally, broodstock has been produced in the sea and only transferred to land in the very last period before spawning for temperature and light manipulation to induce maturation.

Such a production strategy is associated with risks for the producer as the broodstock spends one year more in the sea than the commercial salmon. Risks of losses caused by diseases, the introduction of pathogens, attachment of sea lice, and risks of escape are all associated with production in the sea.

Healthy salmon gills

Adapted to your production systems

Whether we’re talking sea- or land-based farming, we provide solutions for each.

Our product concepts SalmoProtect and SalmoSelect target the challenges of sea-farming like sea-lice and diseases, while SalmoRAS4+ has been tailored for land-based farming with a focus on high growth and physical quality traits.




Provides maximum flexibility on choice of optional traits for higher disease protection or higher pressure on quality parameters



Best suited for production with lower disease pressure, SalmoProtect is developed to meet and resist the most common health challenges while maintaining high performance in productive efficiencies and quality.



The SalmoRAS4+ makes a difference in optimizing the production cyclus on land.

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Since 2014 Benchmark has produced Lumpfish fingerlings. The farming of lumpfish has been successful based on previous experience.

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