Vogar Incubation Centre


Our incubation center

Our Incubation Center is located next to the broodstock farm in Vogarvik at the southwest coast of Iceland. The center was acquired in 2004 and the first eggs were incubated in 2006. A brand-new incubation facility is scheduled to open in the fall of 2021 and will double our production capacity of ova in Iceland.

We will be able to keep more than 100 M eggs incubated in the center at any given time. The total annual production capacity will be about 400 M ova. Through investing in improved water supply, management systems and control, we are expecting to lift the quality and the stability of the eggs to a new level.

The incubation center is designed to keep salmon eggs from fertilization to the eyed egg stage, when they are ready to be shipped. All used freshwater is pumped up from deep boreholes. This ensures high quality water that is naturally filtered without having been in any contact with wild fish.

The center is equipped with single-incubators specially designed to incubate eggs from each female separately. Even though no virus- or bacteria diseases has been detected at the site so far, the individual incubation enables us to screen each female.


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