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Benchmark Genetics Shrimp operates a world-leading breeding program for Penaeus vannamei.

With its breeding nucleus in Colombia, and from its modern and biosecure Elite Multiplication Centre in Fellsmere, FL, USA, Benchmark Genetics Shrimp develops, produces and globally distributes genetically improved, high performing SPR/SPF Shrimp strains with improved health and efficiency adapted to modern farming conditions.

Why choose our shrimp genetics?

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Our stock

Our stocks have a broad genetic base originating from selected breeders in Colombia, Hawaii, and Venezuela and the wild populations in Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, and Peru.

This genetic base increases the genetic diversity and provides our team of geneticists with multiple options and a wider range of selection to breed lines for specific environments.

Our breeding programme

Implementing the latest genomic tools, our breeding programme has pioneered the development of selected stocks uniquely combining high performance, disease resistance and robustness.

Designed and supervised by Benchmark Genetics Norway (formerly Akvaforsk Genetics), our program is the world’s most scientifically documented genetic improvement program for P. Vannamei shrimp. It focuses on developing lines with improved growth and a high level of resistance to some of the major diseases affecting the shrimp industry worldwide, such as WSSV and AHPND.

Our strains are USDA certified as Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) and Specific Pathogen Resistant (SPR) according to the OIE list, and none of our female breeders is eyestalk ablated.

Our operation

Operated by Benchmark Genetics’ team of experts in the USA, Norway and Colombia, Benchmark Genetics Shrimp is part of the UK based Benchmark Holdings plc., a leading provider of solutions in aquaculture genetics, health and advanced nutrition (INVE Aquaculture).

Our global presence is consolidated by our local sales and technical teams, production centres and commercial alliances in the main markets in Asia and the Americas.



BMK Protect

Specialized line.
Improved resistance against WSSV and AHPND.


BMK LowSal

Specialized line.
Growth and high survival in low salinity environments.

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